Serie Popular Maduro. Green Label

Serie Colonial, “BARBER POLE” (Blue Label)
March 4, 2019

Toro maduro (6″ x 52), Maduro GORDO (6″ x 60), Bravito-Robusto (5″ x 50).

“El Bravo Cigars ®”,Maduro Series, is medium bodied cigar that boasts full flavor for a great Price. The Maduro Series wrapper is from Mexico and the binder is C98 and the filler is Dominican.

Since the conception of our affiliated manufacturer, in 1995, their cigars have carried the old-world traditions of Cuban artistry. Made using premium Cuban seed tobacco blends and aged in Spanish cedar, their refined technique has a taste and quality that rivals those made in the heartland. Each cigar is hand made by master artisans in the Dominican Republic and the USA.

“El Bravo Cigars ®” Serie Popular is a very enjoyable, complex cigar with great flavors. The Serie Popular bundles are available in 20 cigar count packages. This great tasting Maduro is excellent at any time of the day and is available in four sizes: Green Label (Toro) Maduro 6″ X 52, Green Label (GORDO) maduro 6″ x 60, Green Label (Torpedo) Maduro 6.5″ x 52, Green Label (Bravito-Robusto) 6″ x 50.

Each cigar includes “Cuentos de Pepito” jokes (in Spanish only), that will make you laugh while enjoying a good smoke.