Allstar Gear

Allstar Gear was formed to fill a need that has been largely ignored in the martial arts arena. Finding top-quality gear and uniforms is not difficult, assuming one has the finances to purchase them. At the same time, finding less expensive gear and uniforms isn’t difficult either, assuming one is prepared to deal with poor craftsmanship. Allstar Gear has chosen to provide a third option: the best quality, coupled with affordability. Having been involved with martial arts for more than a decade, and after having traveled the globe in a variety of tournaments and events, we realized that fighters and their families would benefit greatly from this option. Who wouldn’t welcome the option of buying top-quality gear and uniforms without spending extra money to keep themselves or their children looking great, and more importantly, safe. It might seem unlikely to find great quality at low prices, but our expertise encompasses all the knowledge and experience needed to provide exactly that.

Gear and Uniforms

Allstar Gear has improved on the quality of uniforms and gear in two ways over what is offered by other providers. First is manufacturing, and the other is design. The manufacturing of sparring gear has the capacity to become extremely expensive, very quickly. Each different size of glove or foot pad can be a costly endeavor, which is why many providers choose an easy way out. That is to make one large size, and keep trimming and trimming until it turns into the next smaller size. This may save money, but the person actually making a sacrifice is the user. Another easy way out is to use cheaper materials to make the gear, but again, the sacrifice falls upon the user. Allstar Gear has changed that. Each size glove and foot pad comes from its own mold, providing optimal comfort and fit. Also, each Allstar Gear glove and foot pad is made from high-quality Polyurethane with a covering of synthetic leather. The uniforms also are made for the benefit of those wearing them, rather than those making them. All of the uniforms are made with a simple stretchable cotton and polyester material that translates to multiple advantages for the competitors wearing them. The uniforms are extremely light-weight, and very breathable, which makes for more efficient high-level performance. Also, the uniforms have a specific cut that makes them conducive to the wide range of movements and techniques used in martial arts. These characteristics allow the uniforms to provide efficiency and freedom of movement. Beyond the technicalities that make Allstar Gear a step above the rest, there also is something to be said for the character of the gear and uniforms. This is where design comes in, and Allstar Gear can provide three great options.


Allstar Gear has been able to combine low prices with great quality, but those who are competing should also feel as though they can represent themselves as unique individuals or teams. To this end, Allstar Gear provides stock designs, signature designs and custom designs that can be utilized to achieve a feeling of team spirit, individuality, and character. The martial arts world is growing by leaps and bounds, and Allstar Gear can help fighters not get lost in the crowd.